Latitude Adjustment Steel

   Calypso, Soca, Reggae, Buffett, Latin, Pop


Latitude Adjustment Steel works in a variety of configurations based on the setting and/or budget considerations.



A solo performance consists of a lead pan accompanied by sequenced rhythm tracks (keyboard, bass, guitar, drums, percussion, and various other instruments so that the different tunes don't all end up sounding alike). This is a good choice for smaller venues such as receptions and is also the most economical.


A duo may consist of pan (with sequencer) and percussion or pan and guitar or pan and keyboard . The choice of instruments would be determined by several factors. These might include the client's desire for vocals or how wild a crowd is expected (or desired).


A trio is generally lead pan (with sequencer),percussion and guitar or keyboard. Another trio configuration is pan, keyboard and drum set. This adds the spontaneity and extra energy of having a live drummer along with more dynamic flexibility (softer and more laid-back for the "reception" time, louder and livelier as the event evolves or devolves into all-out party time.

A quartet would add either a wind player or percussionist or a harmony pan player (if available).


Call: Jeff Kershner (404) 388-2466